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Frequently asked questions

1. Can I get my Group Incentive uninterruptedly without helping my personally sponsored and Representatives of my organization?

Answer: No, in order to generate Incentive you need to work hard and motivate and trained continuously your organizational Representative.

2. I have purchased Messiah Multinational Package, due to non availability / wrong address or any other reason it was not received by me and sent back to the company, what is the procedure to get it back?

Answer: Since there is a cost involve in resending the package to the purchaser, so in order to get back the returned package, purchaser has to send a demand draft of Rupees 310 with modified shipping address, if any. Address can be provided online by filling the details in logged in area of Retailer / Representative. Also the said package could be collected from the Messiah Multinational office personally by showing the identity proof(s).

3. I am not satisfied with the Package / Product / Service and have sent the payment. For refund, as per the policy of the Company I failed to intimate for the cancellation of my Package / Product / Service within the allotted time (which is 30 days from the date of payment received by the company). What should I do to recover my money paid towards purchasing of Messiah Multinational Package / Product / Service?

Answer: If you are not satisfied with the Package / Product / Service you must write for cancellation at info.messiahmultinational.com and send the physical Package / Products / Services (if any) within 30 days only. We will not consider cancellation if your request for cancellation is received after the expiry of this period. After an expiry of this period, we cannot refund the money paid towards purchase of any of Messiah Multinational Packages / Products / Services in any circumstances as after the expiry of this period the Incentive with respect to your sales get paid to your Selling Messiah Multinational Representatives.

4. Is it necessary to attend National Conventions or any other event organized by Messiah Multinational ? What would happen if I could not attend such events due to some unavoidable circumstances?

Answer: Yes, it is mandatory to attend National Conventions organized by Messiah Multinational, if you want to participate in our Business / Mission. Failing which you will be denied all your pending, forthcoming as well as ongoing commissions from the company. But in case you could not attend due to some unavoidable circumstances, you need to write a letter to the company with the documentary proof for justifying your circumstances. On the basis of the documents produced by you, company would decide whether to waive your attendance or not with or without of any conditions. The decision of the company in the regard would be final. However, if you do not wish to participate in promotion of our Business / Mission and Just want to LEARN through our courses and want to use our Product / Services, then it is not mandatory for you to attend these events.

5. How can I get my lost password?

Answer: Send us a written request along with a Bank Demand Draft of Rs.180/- inclusive of GST, in favour of Messiah Multinational Pvt. Ltd., payable at Patna to get your lost password. Please, include Distributor ID, Username and Mailing address with the request. We will send your password by courier as soon as we receive your request.

6. Can an Messiah Multinational Representative share information of any other Programme / Business or sign up other Messiah Multinational Representative in any other similar Programme / Business?

Answer: No, this is absolutely not permitted. If any complaint is received that any Messiah Multinational Representative is sharing information with other Messiah Multinational Representatives of any other Programme / Business, then all pending, forthcoming as well as on going commission from the company, will be denied to him/her with immediate effect without any notice.

7. As many Messiah Multinational Representatives are earning very good income through Messiah Multinational Business opportunity so can I advertise indicating you may earn some amount per month or per week for attracting new Messiah Multinational Representatives?

Answer: No, this is not legal to advertise any earnings as Messiah Multinational incentive plan depends upon real hard work, which includes learning from the Company and then Teaching / Training / Helping to others as many Messiah Multinational Representatives may not do what is required to be successful, so they will not earn anything. It is very important to understand everything about Messiah Multinational Mission / Business before promoting Messiah Multinational Business / Mission. In case, you invite any legal problem due to any bad advertisement / promotion or due to lack of knowledge to explain / express our Business / Mission to Law enforcing Authorities, company will not be responsible for the same.

8. I have wrongly entered my Username. How can I change it?

Answer: Any kind of modification in Username is not possible once the online registration process is over.

9. I have not submitted the photocopy of my PAN card. Would I be eligible to receive my commission cheques/TDS certificate?

Answer: If you have not submitted a photocopy of your PAN card, then please send it as soon as possible. We will not issue any Incentive cheque in absence of proof of your PAN card.

10. Why one of my Messiah Multinational Representative name from my organization is shown in black?

Answer: If any of the names is shown in black, it means the Purchased Product has been disabled.

11. I have sold Messiah Multinational Packages to many people in my organization; still I have not received any Incentive. Why?

Answer: You start receiving commission only when you fulfil the criteria fixed for commission earning. In order to receive your first commission you must accumulate 3 Sale with 1:2 or 2:1 ratio in both legs and out of these 2 Sale must be accumulated via sales of Messiah Multinational Packages under your direct sponsorship, and must be observed promoting Messiah Multinational Business/Mission with Commitment, Hard Work and Honesty.

12. I have seen online the last commission earned but I have not received it yet.

Answer: If you are 18 years of age or more and have sent us the photocopy of your PAN card then you are requested to wait for at least 10-15 days depending on the location of your residence as all commission cheques are sent either through courier or speed post / registered mail. If you do fulfil the mentioned conditions and still have not received your cheque within this period then send / post your query at info.messiahmultinationalel.com. However we strongly recommend to set up online transfer by way of sending NEFT details to us.

13. I have updated my address in update profile, but I am still receiving cheques at my old address.

Answer: The modification done in the address through the update profile is only for public view (for Sponsor and Messiah Multinational Representatives only). So after updating your address through update profile option send us your new address along with Distributor ID, Username and any Photo ID (Passport, Voter ID Card, Driving License, PAN card etc) at info.messiahmultinationalel.com for updating your current mailing address in our records.

14. Can we make the payment ( Cash / Demand Draft / Cheque ) for the purchase package to our selling Messiah Multinational Representatives on behalf of Company ?

Answer: Cost of Package should be paid only through Demand Draft / NEFT / IMPS and directly to be sent to the company by the purchasing Messiah Multinational Representative. If any payment on behalf of the company is made to any selling Messiah Multinational Representative through any mode, company will not be responsible for any loss ( if any ). The purchasing Messiah Multinational Representative himself / herself will be responsible for any such loss ( if any ).

15. By purchasing more than one Messiah Multinational Packages in my name, can I create Multiple Business Centers in my organization to create more income?

Answer: No, you can not create multiple positions and buy more than one Messiah Multinational Packages. As creation of Multiple Business Centers to generate more income is not allowed and violation of this would result in cancellation of all the created Multiple Business Centers without any notice.

16. I have purchased Messiah Multinational Package. Can I purchase another Messiah Multinational Package on the name of my spouse?

Answer: Yes you may do so.

17. Why my last name is appearing twice?

Answer: You might have entered your first name twice or entered the same name both in first and last name. Kindly send / post us a request at info.messiahmultinational.com with your Distributor ID and Username for correction of the same.

18. I am sending / posting lots of queries to the company but not getting any response?

Answer: It has been observed that many Messiah Multinational Representatives are sending irrelevant queries and asking irrelevant question unnecessarily on continuous basis. We have given all the required information about the Company and all other details on our website. So it is advised to all the Messiah Multinational Representatives to visit our website in order to know their concerns or ask their introducing active senior Leader Messiah Multinational Representatives. Please note no irrelevant queries would be replied by the company. Please do not ask about anything which is not given on our website.

19. My password and other details are disclosed during online registration for the purchase of Messiah Multinational Package, what should I do now?

Answer: It is your duty to change all the confidential information like password etc. immediately, after taking all the information from your Selling Messiah Multinational Representative. We will not be responsible for any mishappening in this regard.

20. In order to advertise Messiah Multinational Business / Mission through the print media do I need to seek any permission from the company?

Answer: Before advertising you must send us the advertisement material for approval. Severe action would be taken if we observe any bad advertisement (which violates any of the law of the land or public policies) without permission of the company.

21. Is it necessary to follow LEGALS (TERMS AND CONDITIONS) and other information given on the website www.messiahmultinational.com for promoting Messiah Multinational Business/Mission?

Answer: This is mandatory to follow our LEGALS(TERMS AND CONDITIONS), FAQs and other information given on our website. Any anti-company activities or non performance of any activity / activities as required for promotion of Messiah Multinational Business / Mission would amount to suspension / cancellation of all pending, forthcoming as well as on going incentive and denial of continuation of contract. Decision of the company in this regard would be final.

22. How much time does it take to get my earned commission cheque?

Answer: The commission cheque to the qualifying Messiah Multinational Representatives will be reached by courier or speed post within 20 days from the day commission is calculated. Online commission / NEFT will be transferred directly to your Bank account provided by you within 8 days from the day commission is calculated. If the payment not reached at your Address / Bank Account within these specified periods, you are requested to post / send your query at info.messiahmultinational.com with details of the earned commission.

23. I have attended various Conventions / Seminars / Workshops / Training Programmes and Silver / Gold / Diamond / Diplomat and above meet organized by Messiah Multinational and now I want to organize a Convention / Seminar / Training Programme or Silver / Gold / Diamond / Diplomat and above meet on my own. Can I do so with the help of my Leaders?

Answer: Yes, you may organize any Convention / Seminar / Training Programme or Silver / Gold / Diamond / Diplomat and above meet on your own. In order to conduct any such event, you need to inform and seek approval of Director Messiah Multinational Pvt. Ltd. We strongly recommend the entry fees ( if required ) for any event should be taken only for meeting the expenses of the event and no additional charge should be taken in any circumstances. Messiah Multinational Representative sharing any portion of money for promotion of any event organized by Messiah Multinational or by them or by any leaders would be viewed very seriously. Director Messiah Multinational Pvt. Ltd. or any Leader authorized by Director Messiah Multinational can investigate the total amount collected and spent for conduct of any event organized by any Messiah Multinational Representative. Please note that any taxes (if applicable) is the liability of the organizing Messiah Multinational Representative(s) of such event and company will not be responsible for any taxes (if applicable).

24. Is it necessary to attend the compulsory events organized by Messiah Multinational ?

Answer: Yes, It is mandatory to attend the compulsory events organized by Messiah Multinational, Failing which will denial of any benefit as well as stop addition of BV of his / her organization.

25. Could I share information which is not given on our Website www.messiahmultinational.com but provided by our senior selling Messiah Multinational Representatives or others for the promotion of Messiah Multinational Business / Mission?

Answer: Only information available at our website related to Company or its Director / Directors should be given to other Messiah Multinational Representatives / Guests for promotion of Messiah Multinational Business / Mission. Any Messiah Multinational Representative violating this will not be allowed to promote our Business / Mission anymore and his / her all pending, forthcoming as well as on going commission will immediately be stopped.

26. I am organizing several weekly Business / Product meetings for my Messiah Multinational Representatives and their Guest for promotion of Messiah Multinational Business / Mission. Do I need to inform about these meetings to the company?

Answer: All Diamond and above Messiah Multinational Representatives must inform all the Business / Product meetings organized by him / her every month. Failing which will lead to denial of all pending, forthcoming as well as on going commission without any prior notice. The decision of the company in this regard would be final and shall be binding on the Messiah Multinational Representatives.

27. What is the meaning of "directly or indirectly, in any capacity associate himself / herself with any business..."?

Answer: Association with any business of similar nature or any other Business directly or indirectly means that you cannot be associated with the business on your name or indirectly on the name of your Spouse, Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, or any close relative or through any legal entity or incorporated company held by you.

28. Can Any Messiah Multinational Representative demand / accept any partial / registration amount for sale of any Messiah Multinational product?

Answer: No Messiah Multinational Representative is allowed to accept any partial or full amount in cash for the sale of any Messiah Multinational product in any circumstances. Purchasing Messiah Multinational Representative must send the Cost of the product directly through a Demand Draft or through online transfer made by them directly on the name of Messiah Multinational only to Messiah Multinational Office.

29. What Is Unique About Messiah Multinational And Its Package?

Answer: The USP Of Our Package Is That It Combines An Assortment Of Products And Services That Include Education, Travel, Fashion And A Multi-Utility Business Portal. Moreover, The Feather In The Cap Is That It Comes With A Career Building Opportunity Which Has The Potential To Give You Unparalleled Returns.

30.Who Is Behind Messiah Multinational?

Answer: This Concept Is Developed For The People And By The People – That Is, Common People Like You Are Behind It. They Are The Ones Running It Too. You Can Also Join Them And Build Your Own Organization With Messiah Multinational.

31.How Does This Plan Work?

Answer: This Plan Works Entirely On You. We Provide You With The Products And Services Along With A Business Break. Then You Just Have To Take It Forward By Forming TRIOS. The More TRIO You Complete, The More You Earn.

32.What Is A TRIO?

Answer: A TRIO Is Completed When You Make Either 2 Direct And 1 Indirect Sale, Or 3 Direct Sales Of The Package And Get Total 300 BV Points In The Ratio Of 200:100 Or 100:200

33.What Should I Do If The Package I Received Is In Tampered Condition?

Answer: If You Realize That The Package Is Damaged At The Time Of Delivery, Please Do Not Accept The Same And Immediately Inform Us. To Protect You From Such Misfortune, The Package Cover Carries Clear Instructions On The Top Front Directing- “PLEASE DO NOT ACCEPT, IF SEAL BROKEN”.

34.What Are The Costs Of Messiah Multinational Packages And Offer Inside It?

Answer: To Know More About the Messiah Multinational Packages Please Visit "Messiah Multinational Packages" Section Next To Company On Home Page.

EDUCATION - Choose From Over 2500+ Online Courses From KG To Post Graduate Enabling You Enhance Your Skills And Academics Anytime, Anywhere Even From The Comfort Of Your Home.

TOURISM - A 3 Days/2 Nights Holiday Accommodation For 2 Adults & 2 Kids (Below The Age Of 8 Yrs.) At 50+ National And International Destinations (T & C Apply)*.

MERCHANDISE - A Brand New, Fine Quality Messiah Multinational Premium White Shirt and Premium Tie with cufflinks and pocket square Which Can Flaunt You In Style, Make You Fashionable And Gain New Confidence In Society.

UTILITY - A Brand New Fine Quality Premium Diary and Pen.

In Fact, This Unique And Revolutionary Concept Is The Only Solution To The Growing UNEMPLOYMENT PROBLEM OF INDIA.

CAREER - It Gives You A Career Building Opportunity Which Has The Potential To Give You Unparallel Returns In Life.

NOTE :- An Additional Demand Draft Of Rs 499/- For Inclusive Access To 2500+ Online Education And Rs 900/- At The Time Of Redemption Of Tourism Package.

35.How Can I Login At www.messiahmultinational.com ?

Answer: You Can Login At www.messiahmultinational.com Through Any Of The Following Ways: If You Are A Registered User Then You Login At Our Website Through Your Registered ID And Password By Clicking The “Login” Link Provided On The Home Page. NOTE :- You Will Require A SPONSOR ID For Registration Into Messiah Multinational. This SPONSOR ID Can Be Obtained Either From Any Messiah Multinational Associate Or Directly From The Company.

36.From Where Can I Change My Contact Details Or Password?

Answer: Sign In At www.messiahmultinational.com And Go To Account Then Edit Profile". You Can Change Your Contact Details And Change Your Password Over There

37.I Fell That I Had Been Intentionally Kept Unaware With Some Relevant Information Regarding The Package At The Time Of Registration By A Messiah Multinational Distributor. On Disclosure Of The Fact, Now I Want My Money Back. What Should I Do?

Answer: Once You Are Through With Our Product Presentation, It Now Becomes Your Responsibility To Go Through FAQ’s, Legal’s, Terms And Conditions And Verify Each And Every Detail Given On Our Website www.messiahmultinational.com The Company Assumes That Your Signature On The Invoice And The Shipment Of Your Demand Draft Along With KYC Documents By You Is The Hallmark Of Your Complete Trust And Satisfaction With Our Product And Company. In Any Case, The Company Shall Not Stand Responsibility For Any Miss-Representation, False Commitment Or Forged Signature By Any Distributors.
In Contrast, If You Want Refund Of The Cost Paid Towards The Purchased Products Back, You Can Opt For The REFUND POLICY Of The Company Which Says That In Case Of Disagreement You Have To Intimate The Company For The Cancellation Of Your Product Within 30 Days From The Date Of Purchase Or 7 Days From The Date Of Payment Received By The Company.

38.After Expiry Of The Product Cancellation Period, Can I Get My Money Back?

Answer: No, There Is No Option To Get Your Money Back After The Expiry Of Product Cancellation Period Because Company Has Already Done Distributions On Your Sale In The Form Of Commissions And Incentives Into The Respective Organization Concerned.

39.What Is The Refund Policy For The Order I Cancelled?

Answer: For Returned Products, We Will First Try And Find A Solution For It So That The Issue Is Resolved. If We Cannot, We Will Initiate A Refund. For Both Cancelled Orders And Returned Products, You Will Either Receive A Cheque From Us Or Get A Replacement For It. The Customer Can Refund Their Products To The Company Within 30 Days From The Date Of Purchase Or 7 Days From The Date Of Payment Received By The Company, Whichever Expire Later. The Company Would Deduct Rs 1100/- (Rs 1000+ Tax) From The Total Amount Towards Processing Charges And Refund The Balance. Note: The Product Shouldn’t Be Opened And In Sealed Condition At The Time Of Return.

40.Can I Get A Confirmation Of The Refund Processed?

Answer: You Will Receive An Email From Us With Refund Reference Number, Once The Refund Is Completed From Our Side.

41. What If I Don't Get My Refund?

Answer: Don't Worry, We Will Give You All The Information And The Proof Required To Track The Refund Credit From Your Bank. Just Let Us Know In Case You Have Not Received The Refund So That We Can Help You With The Same. However, After We Have Completed The Refund Process, Depending On Your Bank The Refund Might Take 7 To 10 Working Days For This Credit To Return In Your Bank Account.